Jaguar Gives Up on the C-X75 to Build Electric Cars

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Jaguar, the tradition-bound British automaker, has apparently decided to dive into the future of electric vehicles. The automaker is reportedly working on not one, but two EVs to add to its lineup, along with updates for the refreshed XE sedan, F-Pace SUV, and F-Type sports car.According to a report by Automobile Magazine, there are some big changes coming to the Jaguar linuep.


The report indicates the four-seat XK grand touring coupe, which was discontinued in 2015,will not be replaced. Things aren’t looking so hot for Jaguar’s potential supercar either. Jaguar has decided it will not to produce the C-X75, introduced as a concept car all the way back in 2010, and featured as one of the villain cars in the James Bond film Spectre. We’re sad about that.JaguarInstead of making the C-X75, Jaguar apparently wants to focus on electric vehicles. The first, dubbed the X590, will be a large luxury sedan with a hatch, meant to compete against cars such as the Tesla Model S and future German EVs. The car is meant to slot into the same class as Jaguar’s XJ sedan, and the company will sell the two cars alongside each other.


Automobile also reports that a second EV, aimed at the luxury SUV segment, will arrive in 2019.The company is also planning on introducing a conventional crossover to slot under the F-Pace, called E-Pace. Despite its EV-like name, the E-Pace will borrow a platform from the Range Rover Evoque, and will effectively be a mini version of the F-Pace. The report states it will have conventional internal combustion engines, but hybrid drivetrains could be offered down the line. Since the F-Pace SUV is the fastest-selling car in Jaguar’s history, an increased focus on crossovers isn’t surprising.Jaguar hasn’t forgotten about people who like to drive, though. Jaguar is reportedly testing a high-performance version of the XE sedan with up to 550 horsepower,though it hasn’t been approved for production yet.

The F-Pace will get an SVR variant with the company’s 550-hp V8 and and other go-fast bits.Perhaps most interesting is Jaguar’s plan for the F-Type. Automobile reports the next-generation of the two-seat coupe “will get slightly larger, with (a) roomier 2+2 interior.” It could be Jaguar doing this to fill a gap the XK left behind in the market, but a move like this could compromise what we love about the F-Type.via Autoblog

Source: Jaguar Gives Up on the C-X75 to Build Electric Cars

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