5 Reasons why Electric Cars are the future

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5 Reasons why Electric Cars are the future



Electric cars are one of the most-talked about topics in the world of tech and motoring at the moment, and that’s no surprise: they’re the future of driving. Businesses in Portsmouth will be able to get a taster of electric cars and how they can benefit from the electric vehicles revolution courtesy of My Journey Portsmouth on October 28th.


One of three seminars centred around more efficient driving on the day, the electric car seminar will take place from 11:00am to 1:00ppm at Action Stations in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

All three seminars are free to attend with prior registration, and the electric car workshop will cover what kinds of electric vehicles are available and how the Energy Saving Trust’s Plugged-in Fleets Initiative can help businesses develop a case for electric car adoption.

In commemoration of the seminar, we’ve put together a list of five reasons for why electric vehicles are a brilliant replacement for traditional fuel-powered ones.

Book your space at the seminar and find out more about the day on the My Journey website.

1) Silent and Smooth

Anyone who rides in an electric car is instantly surprised by its quietness and smoothness. After years of driving petrol-powered vehicles, getting behind the wheel of an electric motor is refreshingly relaxing, largely thanks to how the accelerator instantly delivers a kick to the wheels without the slight delay of the combustion engine middleman. You feel like you’re drifting along roads and through streets. The experience of driving an electric car makes traditional vehicles feel outdated and clunky.

It almost feels like you’re just flying above the road.

My Journey Portsmouth Car Petrol Electric

2) Say goodbye to petrol stations

Combustion engines aren’t the only middlemen being cut out of the vehicle equation — petrol stations could be the next to go. With home recharging tech constantly being developed further, it won’t be long before charging our cars overnight at home will be just as commonplace as charging our smartphones while we sleep. Petrol stations will lose the pumps and become more attractive roadside stop-offs.

And you’ll never have to worry about your petrol cap being on the wrong side ever again.

My Journey Portsmouth Car Petrol Electric


3) Cutting the costs

Electric cars are far more efficient than petrol-powered vehicles — on a mile-per-mile basis you’ll be paying about a third for running an electric car compared to what you’re currently paying for a car that runs on petrol. On top of that, electric cars don’t have as many systems to break down, so maintenance cost will be much lower. The main concern for electric car owners is making sure their tyres are pumped! And warranties will generally be cheaper because there’s less to go wrong.

You’ll feel like your car itself is making you money.

My Journey Portsmouth Car Petrol Electric


4) High-fiving the environment

The majority of researchers have said that electric cars have smaller environmental impacts compared to conventional vehicles, especially as renewable energy continues to strengthen its prevalence. While some analysts will argue otherwise, it’s an undeniable fact that the lack of tailpipe means the air quality will be much better as electric cars gradually become more commonplace.

Cars and trees can be friends, instead of always fighting…

My Journey Portsmouth Car Petrol Electric


5) The Future

Electric cars certainly look to be the future of motoring. It’s quite a new industry, so there’s still a lot of untapped potential and innovation to be discovered. Every year, batteries get stronger and last longer, constantly fighting against the ‘Range Anxiety’ worry which most electric car owners have to deal with at the moment — the idea that electric cars are often only good for shorter journeys under 100 miles. Electric vehicle charging tech will become more commonplace, the range of electric cars on the market will become more diverse and cheaper, and we’ll probably see a few groundbreaking surprises along the way.

Time-travelling DeLoreans are probably still quite a way off, though.

My Journey Portsmouth Car Petrol Electric










Source: http://www.teamlocals.co.uk/5-reasons-why-electric-cars-are-the-future-28979 written by Steve Williams

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